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General Information about (Sultanate of Oman)


Oman is known in different historical stages by more than name .. It is the most prominent names ((mjan)) and ((Mazoon)). Name ((majan)) has been associated with its famous shipbuilding industry and smelting copper Alsomaren according to the language, the name ((Mazoon )) it is associated with abundant water resources in previous historical periods. and the word ((Mazoon)) derived from the word ((Mozon)) a heavy clouds and flowing water .. As for the name (Oman), it stated in the migration of Arab tribes from a place called Oman in Yemen .. as it was said that they called the ((Oman)) relative to the Oman bin Ibrahim al-Khalil (AS). It was said that it was also called by that name in relation to the Oman bin Saba Bin Ibrahim Bin Agthan.


Full name: Sultanate of Oman


Short form: Oman


Capital: Muscat


Population: 2533389 (est. 2000)


The proportion of Muslims: 100%


Religion: Muslim 100% (Sunni, Shia, Ibadhi)


Distribution of ethnic: Arabs, Baluch, South Asia (Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lanka, Benjala), African


Language: Arabic, English, Baluchi, Urdu, Indian dialects


Currency: Omani Rial


Total area: 212,460 km 2



Location: Sultanate of Oman lies in the far southeast of the Arabian Peninsula and extends between latitudes (16.40) and (26.20) degrees north latitude and between the Arab and extends between longitudes (51.50) and (40.59) in the east, overlooking the Coast more than (1700) kilometers starts from the extreme south-east, where the Arabian Sea and the entrance to the Indian Ocean, extending into the Gulf of Oman to end at Musandam in the north, overlooks the Strait of Hormuz, the entrance to Persian Gulf, and this site controls the Sultanate of Oman's oldest and most important trade routes Navy in the world, the sea route between Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean and from this site contacted the caravan routes across the Arabian Peninsula to link between west and east and north and south.

And associated border with the Republic of Yemen, Oman from South Arabia and with Saudi Arabia in the west, and the State and the United Arab Emirates in the north


Political System: royal


Administrative divisions: 6 regions and Mhafeztan


Musandam (4 states).

Batinah region (12 states).

Interior region (8 states).

The central area (4 states).

Dhofar (9 states).

The phenomenon (5 states).

Eastern Region (11 states).


Head of State: His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said


Time: the time difference (+1) according to the timing of Mecca




Was aware of the Sultanate red color until 1970, where added to the corner of his upper crossed swords flanking a dagger and two swords and dagger painted white, and added part of a browser with white top science and part browser green down the flag, each part equal to the color red. In 1996 has been modified ratios parts White and red to become equal.


Emblem of the State:


The Sultanate is the slogan that symbolized the dagger strikethrough two crossed swords, a symbol of belonging and chivalry, gallantry and traditions of origin.


 Climate: dry desert; hot and humid along the coast; hot, dry in the interior, strong seasonal winds southwesterly in the far south (May to September)


Airports and ports:


In power are the two major airports are recent Seeb International Airport, located 35 km from the capital Muscat and Salalah Airport in the southern region, and a number of small airports for internal transport

Natural resources: petroleum, copper, asbestos, some marble, limestone, chromium, gypsum, natural gas



Salalah is the main city of the Dhofar region of southern Oman, and is located on the spot the Far East to the Arab world to the east, because it is outside the arabian Gulf , which make it the port is very important in the region, which his family to be the main port for the Middle East.



Autumn in Salalah season, which begins astronomically at 21/6 to 21/9 of each year is a special climate in the region and that has made weather exceptional phenomenon unique to send breeze fresh air and clouds Almabakh spray and enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of citizens, residents, visitors and tourists from around the the world. Characterized by the fall season the beauty and the brilliance of  green depicting the mountains panel natural impressive send in the self joy and disperse in the sensations thrill and give heart warmer and tranquility away from the bustle of life, so the fall season is one of the best tourist season in the region and most convenient to spend a wonderful holiday with your family is full of memories good which will remain firmly in the memory


Million visitors to the center of municipal recreational


Built the Municipal Center entertainment plain Latin specifically to be the headquarters to host most of the Festival, Salalah, the center has various facilities set up the events and various activities of the festival of theater major with all its facilities and the latest open and a heritage village of nomadic climate and rural and urban, marine, agricultural, and galleries for exhibitions and offers recreational and social activities , and the child's village equipped with all the means of its activities and to entertain and service centers and other lake water to boats and the city for the Games


Weather in Salalah


the weather in Salalah very strange atmosphere in accordance with the Gulf, in the summer is the most beautiful atmosphere in this region (rain and green mountains), but very hot in the other Gulf countries and the weather excellent specially in summer (autumn) when the rain falls and the mountains wear the color green.


Beaches in the Sultanate of Oman

Longer beaches Omani one of the most important elements of tourist attractions natural in the Sultanate: The coast of the Sultanate - which amounts to more than (1700) How many manner characteristic of breathtaking beauty and cleanliness and quiet - tourist resorts frequented by visitors to enjoy the beauty and spend their leisure time in fun and recreation. The most important of these beaches:


al Bustan beach:


one of the more  beautiful beaches in Muscat Al Bustan Beach .. The beach model, which is located where Al Bustan Palace Hotel and the beach extends for a considerable distance on the coast of the sea and surrounded by mountains on all sides except the road leading to it and the beach overlooking the sea .. The nature of privacy on the beach than specificity. There are many beautiful beaches that are located on the coast of Muscat, including the beach near the sea route from Port Sultan Qaboos, which is shared with rocky mountain forms a beautiful and aesthetic background of multiple forms .. encensoir Almjmr (burner) is surrounded by the top and next to a park to complement the Ream beach splendor and beauty of trees and flowers that emit odors pure and green spaces and children's games. And next to the park spread hotels and restaurants near the beach as well as the popular Souk Muttrah   .. The spread of seats and umbrellas along the beach to Port Sultan Qaboos .. And installed a fence beach Polyphonic paintings of birds and animals and fish .. There are beach all services and facilities erected for the convenience of visitors. It is concerned with management of the organization of sports competitions and aquatic stepped up the boats, sailing, kayaking and others.


Al Jissah beach:

Features a clean silver sand nearness of the mountains that wrap around it to repel wind. Can this beach goers enjoy free tours in small boats scattered on the beach. And is characterized by calm, clear water of static and seabirds, and is surrounded by mountains, and on the sea, the beach has three entrances through the two small islands in the water form a very beautiful landscapes. There are small boats on the beach for fishing and other marine stroll. In the background are palm beach scattered in the soft sand and garden with playgrounds for basketball, volleyball, children's games and places to rent a small boat to roam outdoors and marine as well as tourism facilities and services which had been prepared to serve visitors to the beach. And diving enthusiasts can practice their hobby sports fun. The Union building was built for Oman diving on the shore of Al Jissah, which are available in which all the possibilities of diving.


 Qurum Beach:This beach stretches a vast distance and is characterized by exquisite beauty, was built adjacent a number of large hotels such as the Gulf Hotel and Intercontinental Hotel Muscat and this beach was one of the busiest beaches of Muscat visitors.


Sawadi Beach:

In the Batinah region, especially the Sawadi visitor finds a beautiful beach Bermalh soft and golden when the boat and walk a few meters away from this beach there are several islands is characterized by the beauty of nature allows the visitor to spend a day away from the quiet noise of the city.


Cornish Sohar:

In Sohar, where the road was established on the coast overlooking the sea and along the historic Castle Sohar are available along the way nice restaurants, toilets and signboards and umbrellas to sit, and on one corner was built a small garden for visitors.


Shores of the Musandam:

The shores of the Musandam are frequently characterized by high mountains, creeks and adjacent to the shore of the province, which extends to the delta to the Strait of Hormuz wonderful beauty. And the most beautiful beaches of the province is the Gulf of smell wonderful, and for the one who can trouble Please enjoy your stay a week of work and that resting on vacation in the exciting and adventures on the sandy beaches of the Gulf of smell, where you can enjoy watching high mountains directly from the sea surface to 2000 feet. The advantage of maintaining the shores of the existence of the treasures under the sea and nature enthusiasts can enjoy diving to see rare water. And amateur fishing is considered the province of Musandam of the richest areas in this area where you can practice this hobby traditional methods of fishing hooks.


Shores of the Eastern Region:

The region is characterized by the central group of beaches differing in nature and topography, some surrounded by rocks in the form of art closer to the umbrellas natural private area (Ras medrkah and shwager) state Duqm, some of the other features sand soft clean, such as the shores of Al Jazir and Mahout, and all share in the mild weather tends to Blowing cool breezes accompanied by a light spray, making it the most beautiful beaches in the world.


Shores of Dhofar:

Dhofar Governorate and features an attractive and unique beaches where there are creeks teeming with birds and flamenco as well as caves and winding entrances. The most important beaches of the province and almogasil Raysut characterized by purity of sand and creativity of the Creator the beauty of the surrounding rocks and scenic nature ... There are bays, such as arrival and Khor Khor dull and Aldhariz Creek and Khor Othieb and Salalah  Khor , which is characterized by the presence of Erekhal flamingos in abundance. For lovers of sports diving, gliding on the water are the shores of the province of the most important beaches in the Sultanate of these sports enthusiasts. Can access these beaches and bays to easily provide paved roads, as well as the presence of other services.


Beach almogasil

Located 37 km west of Salalah, on the road Raysut, right, center and includes migration almogasil, which contains four lounges, restaurant and beach tourism almogasil, and the beach are wide and clean and appropriate for the trips. There is also the place where the huge cave Almarenev, and a few steps from it there are natural fountains, resulting from the movement of sea waves in a collision with rocks, one of the masterpieces of Dhofar that are unique and not others.


Natural reserves in the Sultanate of Oman:

Ras Al Hadd Turtle Reserve:

Is the peninsula of Ras Al Hadd - a part of the beaches for nesting turtles - with the value of environmental and unique tourism, the fact that these beaches attract the largest number of green turtles (CHELONIA MYDAS) nestled in the Sultanate, where nesting in this area about 6000-13000 turtle, benefited to the Sultanate from other areas as far away as Persian Gulf, Red Sea, and the shores of East Africa. Has declared a natural reserve on 23/4/1996, under the Royal Decree No. 25/96.


Arabian Oryx Sanctuary:

Is a nature reserve, home to many species of wildlife, including the Arabian oryx (ORYX LEUCORYX) which was returned to its natural home in 1982, has been announced as the first nature reserve in the Sultanate, on 18/1/1994 under the Royal Decree No. 4/94, Add to selection of UNESCO in 1994, to become part of World Natural Heritage sites. The resettlement program was sponsored by Oryx character from the presence of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, who decided in 1974 to re-Arabian Oryx native. In 1980, the group arrived Alaug of animals to the Sultanate, and two years later, the launch of the first herd of oryx, where they were bred in captivity, the wandering freely in their natural habitats, after ten years since the destruction of wilderness.


alsabel natural garden:

Located in the eastern region in the state of full and adequate, and Thblly area of 220 km 2, and announced the park a natural on 28/6/1997, under the Royal Decree No. 50/97, and forests cover the hills throughout most of the garden, and there are currently 45 straight from the Arabian gazelle, in addition to the cat Oman's land is rare (Alsnamar), in addition to eagle-Masri, who resides on a regular basis.


Protected natural islands: Daymaniyat:

 archipelago of nine islands, located north of Muscat, East and Barka, off the coast of Seeb and the mandate of Barka, and Thblly area of 203 km 2, has been declared a natural reserve on 3/4/1996 AD, under Royal Decree No. (23 / 96). The protected status regionally and internationally important, the proliferation of countless numbers of migratory bird species and endemic, as well as many types of coral and reef fish, and some types of rare turtles. The ideal environment for the practice of marine sports, especially scuba diving, where frequented by diving enthusiasts from all over the world.


Jebel Samhan protected natural:

Located in the province of Dhofar, and an area of 4500 km 2, and declared a natural reserve on 28/6/1997, under the Royal Decree No. 48/97, a series of upland consisting of a limestone base and consists of protected character of rock corresponding to the plains of the coastal and sharp stone to the north and also include the protected bays and coasts on  Hasik and valleys.

Is rich in protected mountain Samhan diversity in the resources of the physical and biological, where geological formations and important valleys and cliffs and deep canyons created by the system ecology of the objects of natural plants and animals have adapted to conditions in its natural and these resources are physical highlands limestone cliffs, valleys and pools of water, while vital resources is an animal Arabian leopard and ibex, wolves and Nubian hyenas, deer and other groups of wild animals and the environment of the protected variety, we find another in some marine organisms as whales, dolphins and green turtles and all kinds of fish that live in the Sea of Oman.

Include the protected groups, some of rare trees and plants for all this diversity is important protection imposed on the reserve in order to provide the necessary protection for wildlife in their habitats and to make use of these resources in a sustainable manner through the proper management of roads.

Were carried out in these protected some studies the most important project of studying the Arabian leopard and made this study Counsellor's Office of His Majesty for Environmental Conservation in cooperation with the Ministry of Regional Municipalities, Environment and Water Resources One of the results of this study emphasize the existence of these animals in areas of more than (200) square kilometers of land protected as well as emphasis on the proliferation of these predators that live on deer and deer and birds abound in the reserve has been captured six of these animals have been through this way to make lots of important information in the life and activities of the mating season of these animals.


the protected khor:

These include protected nine khor ranged in size from a few acres and hundreds of hectares, the largest of Khor Rori state energy and an area of (2.8) square kilometers and the smallest Creek Crimean small near the Hilton Hotel on the road to the port of Salalah and the total khors that protected nine have some of them have resources vital variety important of fish that exceed the number of types in the bays of this type, such as the twentieth state energy Creek at the western entrance of the city along with the great diversity of plants, especially plant bamboo in some of these bays, which is inferred from the location of fresh water suitable for drinking.


Ceerk of Dhofar coast:

Located in the province of Dhofar, and vary in size from a few hectares to more than one hundred hectares, and declared as nature reserves on 28/6/1997, under the Royal Decree No. 49/97,

  Khor Rori protected :

 The Khor Rori protected is largest reserves of these creeks and the most attractive for tourists as it is located the port of Khor Rori famous known Basmherm are found near the creek has important implications from the era of BC has mentioned the harbor much in the historical sources of Greek and Greek and Arabic as the main port to attract export frankincense in Dhofar until the sixth century AD in the Covenant Humairi and perhaps boiled a later period, therefore gaining Creek nature reserve and reserve heritage of great importance The site was included in last year within the World Heritage List and before that was a nature reserve to preserve the balance is vital in this creek, which as we have said is the largest khor protected and live in many of fish, birds and plants than some types cent type and Al Khor Post their drainage system water in Dhofar, a Valley Darbat which supplies the creek each year millions of gallons of fresh water, the index is important in this creek on the sweetness of water some of its parts is a significant growth of the plants reeds on the banks of the creek density and these plants considered an important food source for livestock especially camels grazing in the area during the autumn.


Reserve albaled Creek :


Taking this creek named to the ancient city, which lies on the banks of this creek, which enveloped the east and north of this creek is connected to the sea in the past and was used as a port, a natural deep in some parts.

The region is currently within sites of World Heritage Creek is protected and therefore lies the importance of this place in a combination of archeology, history, nature, one of the sites that work good government to prepare them to become a garden rich first in the Sultanate to protect the natural resources and attract tourists to the site and to inform people of this ancient city important.

Has several antique European missions from Italy and Germany conducted some excavations and archaeological surveys and studies on the site since 1978.


ssole Creek:

The ssole Creek  in the state of takkah the most important as protected in terms of number of species of plant, animal and precision components that live in the creek and the creek in the state of takkah is one of the three khors in the state used in ancient navigation of ships of Arab and located around the creek has raised an important city which is protected The creek is still used for the purposes of grazing and drinking for the herds of camels get food and a multitude of plants rich in this creek.

And Al Khor joint system, the disposal of water large valleys Khoshaim the most important creek in terms , where abound the types of invertebrates, micro-and up to about 44 species, as well as birds that exceeded the types in the creek 66 species, fish, 26 species and plants about 70 species.


Almogasil Creek :

almogasil creek is located at the eastern end of Mount Moon and the Al Khor area of about half a kilometer square and a length of about three kilometers and width of 150 meters and the creek of paramount importance in maintaining the important species of endemic birds and migratory birds that harbor the Creek to the abundance of food throughout the year it is easy when you hover on the Creek View dozens of bird species forms, colors and sizes of them coming from Africa, including from Europe and the other from India, such as the settlement was counted in periods of the past hundreds of species of these birds at different periods of the year especially in winter, when a lot of migratory birds due to the importance of this creek settlement of birds have protect the site and has income within the range of natural reserves.

Al Khor having room to monitor the birds on the eastern tip of professionals can be photography or bird watching enthusiasts to watch those types of the site at any time of day.


AlQurum Creek

 the two Khor Located near the Hilton Hotel has been taking designation of mangroves dense covering the tow creek and obscure vision masked of the highway and two greek space does not exceed one quarter square kilometers, but the tow creek

 enjoy the advantages of a natural task, where the heavy presence of mangrove pay a lot of birds to build nests in these tow creek There are also some courses vital to some micro-organisms and some plants are found in tow creek  types of fish that can live in brackish water, totaling about 9 species, while the number of species of plants about 13 species and there is a tendency of stakeholders to consider the establishment of tourism projects in tow greek  or near them be a part of the proceeds from these projects to preserve the sites and develop and maintain their ecological and perhaps will not see the light of these projects before the onset of the Law of Protected Areas Management.


Aoukd Creek :

Was this creek for many of the threats that prompted the concerned authorities to expedite the imposition of legal protection to the creek and entered within the scope of protected bays and the creek is located on the outskirts of the city Aoukd old and an area of about 16 hectares which is one of the sites frequented by birds and nest throughout the year as egrets and herons, Abu Mahgl and other Among the objectives of protection of this creek is to protect the wildlife and the search for effective ways to use the processors in the Firth of overlap between sea water and the water basin Salalah and the exploitation of nearby sites in the tourism domain.


 Aldhariz Creek:

This creek is similar in location and its importance Aoukd proud Aldhariz Creek is located at the eastern entrance of the city of Salalah, overlap

Water water basin Salalah private wells located on the coastal strip and therefore considering stakeholders sources of water of Salalah in the pumping of treated water in the waters of these two greek as a solution creep of sea water to the agricultural area in the coastal strip in addition to the creek Aldhariz comparative advantages are important in biodiversity is the Creek benefited him a lot of migratory birds and species may have reached in some years to hundreds of species.


takkah khor:

the creek Located  at the western entrance of the city of takkah and carry the creek several labels, and an area of about 2 square kilometers and Al Khor areas grow the kinds of plants do not grow only by fresh water and another grows in the degree of high salinity and this creek a set of properties that have helped the lives of more than 20 species of fish and other microorganisms, and there are about 200 species of birds have registered their presence in this creek from time to time for

For plants in developing this type of creek is grassy and reeds The creek is used for watering livestock and mash and few are those who use the creek for fishing.


Museum of Oman:


Museum of Oman was Created in 1974, which is affiliated to the Ministry of National Heritage and Culture. The museum is located on abeautiful hill by media street , in Qurum in Muscat, the capital. , The contents of the museum

* Graves and cemeteries,back to the eras of the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia and delmon.

* Forms of art and architecture of old Oman, as famous castles and forts.

Community arts and crafts, Bedouin and conventional weapons


 National Museum:


Located on the street alnoor next to a mosque  Abd alarza and has samples of folklore belonging to different periods of the history of Oman.


Museum of Natural History:

located in Khuwair next to the building of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, this museum displays a world of exciting models of terrestrial and marine life in the Sultanate such as mammals, birds, reptiles and insects in reserved resemble natural conditions as well as some rare rock types that are spread in different regions of the Sultanate.



Military Museum:


House is located at Camp valleys of the Ministry of Defense and includes everything related to weapons and military equipment of the old that was used in Oman through different historical eras.


Omani French Museum:

Located in the city of Muscat and a collection of antiques and traditional crafts and cultural materials related to the historical ties between the Sultanate of Oman and the Republic of France. Known as the House (France).


 Children's Museum:

Located in the Crimea and contains devices related to the development of technical skills of Omani children.


Bait Al Zubair:

Located Bait Al Zubair in Muscat, the original, and is considered part of the Omani heritage, it was built by Sheikh Al Zubair bin Ali in 1914 and inaugurated by his son Muhammad ibn al-Zubayr in 1988 for the participation of others interested in heritage Omani heritage familiarized themselves with the antiques and collectibles Oman authentic handed down through the family for parents, grandparents or acquired after that.

Bait Al Zubair and includes a full range of authentic Omani artifacts representing different parts of the Sultanate which is considered to be one of the best and most comprehensive holdings. It includes traditional Omani weapons, jewelry, clothing, and household items, and models embodied the ESO rural and urban areas. Therefore, it is indispensable to visit Bait Al Zubair anyone who wants to see the heritage of Oman and its rich culture.

Bait Al Zubair and plays an active role in society through its educational services, and the establishment of special events, and assist in research work, and the establishment of temporary exhibitions, lectures and research projects and documentation


 Museum of Salalah:

Located in the neighborhood next to the government departments, the Office of the Secretary of State and Governor of Dhofar, located inside the Cultural Center . and can be called the Museum of Natural History as well. The contents have inscriptions written Arabic South known as the (font assigned), and coins include a variety of coins, Chinese, Austrian and Oman, and pottery, as well as manuscripts and documents in the forefront of a copy of the message of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH)  to Abdul and Jeffer son Julanda the tow king of Oman.

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